The Journey

Life is a journey for all of us and each one has it’s own challenges to face.  We all have expectations for our children and imagine what their lives may turn out to be when they reach adulthood.

In the Silent Doorbell, the journey is described in detail, where these dreams have to be changed and adjusted, as the implications of learning disability hit home. Learning to love and accept the child for who he is and not what you expected, is a key step in the journey.

Andrew grew and developed normally during pre-school years but regressed in many ways during the following developmental years of primary life.  However, it is good to know that people with learning disabilities can learn and be trained to a certain level, dependant on their potential and inherent ability.

It has been interesting to see Andrew grow into adulthood and become established as an adult and also learning to participate in adult type activities. Pictured here is Andrew with his sister Julie.

Never give up hope !!!