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  1. Iona Brand says:

    I have known Elsie and George for many years and I admire them for all their love and dedication shown to both their children.I myself have a twin brother who is profoundly disabled and he lived at home with us until my mum passed away.Having a child with learning disabilities can be challenging but rewarding as my youngest son has several learning disabilities.I will certainly be buying Elsie’s book x

  2. Wendy Benjamin says:

    A truly inspiring read – I could not put it down until I was finished! Thank you, Elsie for opening up your world to us, the reader. I am in awe of your unfailing love and determination to provide the best environment for your child. You have certainly spurred me on to advocate for those around me. Thank you.

  3. tracey taylor says:

    i was at rainbow singers on tue and bought your book and was honoured in andrew and yourself signing the book , went home , kettle on and read cover to cover , was filled with tears and laughter ,what a wonderful woman you are in coming through all the obsticals you have been faced with , my hat is off to you and all the great work that you are dong and have done ,well done elsie , andrew is a shining light and he will shine bright in your life and the darkness will be no more love to you all xx

  4. mary ann wilson says:

    A beautiful gift from Julie and Naomi… Thank you Elsie for sharing your love and experience with me through your book. I felt the passion of every word, and shredded few tears! like other readers I couldn’t put the book down, I can share some related experiences that you went through as my beautiful son is going through progress of asd and adhd. You had gave me the inspiration there is a light at the end of the long tunnel. Xxx

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